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Companies, big and small, have used BusinessRocket to register their trademark. BusinessRocket trademark registration services can help protect your brand and preserve your business reputation in the marketplace.

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BusinessRocket is a trusted resource for thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs across the country. Our trademark registration experts have years of experience researching, preparing, and filing trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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BusinessRocket combines comprehensive consultation with in-house expertise to facilitate one of the most cost-effective and efficient trademark registration solutions in the industry. From pre-application research to USPTO Office Action Responses, our service is designed to streamline the process and help to facilitate a successful outcome with your trademark registration.

What kind of car do I need for a TCP License?

The CPUC does not have any Year, Make or Model requirements for a vehicle being added to the TCP license. However, if you plan to provide transportation services, the vehicle must be operational and registered for commercial use. It is also recommended you verify with your insurance broker and any potential vendors, like Uber or Lyft, any specified vehicle requirements.

How long does the TCP process take?

If the carrier has all required documentation, a TCP can become active in as little as two-to-four weeks after submission. The process in its entirety takes an average of five-to-six weeks, with CPUC allocating a maximum timeframe of ninety days.

What type of insurance do I need for a TCP License?

A Public Liability and Property Damage insurance policy is the main insurance policy you are required to have coverage for on your vehicles. The minimum coverage starts at $750,000 for a seven-seater vehicle, and increases with larger seating capacity.

What is Commercial Registration?

Commercial registration classifies a vehicle to be used primarily for business purposes. This classification signifies to the DMV that this vehicle will no longer be considered for personal use, but instead for commercial use, regardless of who the registered owner of the vehicle is.