About Us.


BusinessRocket was formed when Entrepreneurs, Attorneys, CPAs, Consultants, and Business Managers came together to create a cost-effective and efficient business entity formation solution for start-ups. We developed a system that eliminates the complexities associated with starting and operating a successful business, BusinessRocket strives to help inspired individuals everywhere to bring their aspirations to the marketplace.


Registering your business is easy, what about everything else? BusinessRocket holds your hand throughout the business journey. Our Signature START, GET, GROW, MANAGE philosophy allows us to work with clients no matter what stage their businesses is in.


  • To be on the forefront of technology and create systems that simplify the business ownership process for our clients across various industries.
  • To become the one stop shop solution for new and existing business owners.
  • To be the consultants throughout the business journey that entrepreneurs can rely on for accurate information and strategies.
  • To simplify new markets for our customer allowing access to industries that previously were dominated by large companies.
  • To inspire the entrepreneur.